Flashback: WEC/ IWS Delegation Trip to China 2024


From April 14 to 20, 2024, a distinguished group of WEC Ambassadors and IWS Senators embarked on an inspiring economic-focused delegation trip to China, aimed at building bridges between continents and deepening international cooperation. The trip was initiated by the World Economic Council (WEC) and its German representative association, the International Economic Senate (IWS e.V.). As a global umbrella organization, the WEC represents the interests of entrepreneurs and researchers internationally and serves as a catalyst for market-oriented economic cooperation between continents.

Start of the Trip and Opening of the Canton Fair

The week began on Sunday evening, with the delegation attending the 14th official dinner marking the opening of the 135th Canton Fair in Guangzhou. This significant event was organized by Prof. Yabin Wu of UNIDO ITPO Beijing, who warmly welcomed the delegation. Participants had the unique opportunity to interact with high-ranking personalities, including Vice Governor Lin TAO of Guangdong Province, gaining valuable insights into the Chinese economy and culture.

Economic Discussions and Company Visits

On Monday morning, the delegation continued with a breakfast meeting on the 25th floor of the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, hosted by German Consul General Jan Rudolph and his deputy Jana Ludwig. Following this, they visited the Canton Fair, providing a platform for exchanges between German and Chinese entrepreneurs. After a joint lunch, the delegation attended the opening ceremony of the Special Committee for Digital Talents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Industry Alliance of UNIDO, further demonstrating the deep integration of the IWS into global innovation networks. The afternoon included company visits to Xpeng Inc. (www.xpeng.com), where insights into the future of mobility were gained, and to XAG & Co Ltd (www.xa.com), showcasing advanced drone technology in agriculture. These visits concluded with a symposium promoting exchange and collaboration between German and Chinese stakeholders.

Technological Explorations and Cultural Experiences

Tuesday led the delegation to Shenzhen, where they visited BYD Company Ltd. (www.bydglobal.com), a pioneer in electric vehicle technology. They then proceeded to HONOR Device Co. Ltd. (www.honor.com) to learn about the latest developments in smartphone technology. Wednesday began with a visit to the Alibaba Group (www.alibaba.com) in Hangzhou, followed by a cultural afternoon at the UNESCO World Heritage Site West Lake, culminating in a spectacular performance.

Industrial Developments and Collaborations

On Thursday, the delegation focused on Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co. Ltd. and Dahua Technology (www.dahuasecurity.de), followed by participation in the unveiling ceremony of the Industrial Accelerator of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Subsequent expert panels, featuring WEC and IWS members alongside Chinese experts, discussed disruptive innovation and the redefinition of industrial development through digitalization.

Conclusion of the Trip in Beijing

The final leg of the trip took place in Beijing, where Prof. Yabin Wu was appointed WEC Ambassador and Chapter President China, a significant recognition of his contributions and a milestone for future cooperation. Another highlight was the meeting with representatives of the People’s Government of Xicheng District, fostering important discussions on German-Chinese industrial cooperation and investment policy.


The delegation trip was marked by intense activities and the forging of valuable connections, laying the foundation for future collaborations and joint projects. The WEC and IWS board emphasized the overwhelming hospitality and keen interest shown towards the German-American economic delegation in China. They highlighted that the trip offered numerous opportunities for deep discussions and new business relationships, showcasing the appreciation and recognition of German innovation and entrepreneurial quality.

The numerous company visits and cultural experiences provided the delegation with valuable insights into Chinese industry and technology, leaving a lasting impression on all participants. The participation in significant economic and cultural events, the appointment of a new WEC Ambassador, and the in-depth dialogues with Chinese leaders and politicians underscored the importance and success of this strategically important trip. Overall, the delegation trip not only promoted exchanges between Germany and China but also opened promising prospects for future collaborations. The insights gained and contacts made will undoubtedly lead to concrete projects and further cooperation, advancing the economic and technological development of both countries. This reaffirms the WEC’s role as a crucial bridge-builder in the global economic landscape.

Thus, the return of the delegation to Germany and the USA marks not the end but the beginning of a new phase of strengthened and deepened relationships between Germany, the USA, and China, based on mutual respect, common interests, and the pursuit of sustainable development.

Inspiring interviews during the Delegation Trip in China:

Peter Nußbaum | Chairman of the Board, International Economic Senate e. V.
Klaus-Günter Eberle | Managing Director, Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG
Lei Jin | Managing Director, Depthfield GmbH
Olaf Lingnau | Managing Director, B+M Blumenbecker GmbH
Eric Baumann | Deputy Managing Director, Baumann GmbH & Co. KG
Prof. Dr. Alois Knoll | Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Real-Time Systems, TU Munich

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