Flashback Economic Conference

„Germany`s turning point. What’s the status quo of our economy?“

During the annual IWS Wirtschaftskonferenz (economic conference) in the German capital, the IWS brought together a highly qualified group of experts with a background in economics, politics, industry, and research. This top tier think tank came together for a two-day conference to discuss and analyse the Health status or the German economy.

Participants and experts discussed and criticised the most relevant and pressing recent economic challenges for the German Mittelstand (SMEs). The output was to send concrete ideas, impulses and concrete recommended actions into the federal government.

Our CEO and Founder Peter Nußbaum gave the opening speech at our partner’s Amazon Web Services Germany (AWS) location in Berlin. Some of the topics discussed were Immigration, shortage of skilled talent and refugee politics. The IWS Academy came up in this context, as it brings together young politicians and business. The IWS founded this interactive project to exchange knowledge and build bridges/network. It caters to young members of the Bundestag (parliament) and young ambitious managers from the Mittelstand who will be making decisions together in the future.

It is highly important to bring together politics and business to foster understanding and enable this young talent to stir Germany on to the right course for the future.

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