Uniting Global Minds for Change

Our NGO fosters ethical values crucial in business and politics, ensuring sustainable global welfare and economic growth.

Leaders navigating change and uncertainty must prioritize these values and foster networks that uphold them.

Forward-thinking individuals seek innovative solutions to pressing issues within the World Economic Council community. Thought leaders drive discussions, encouraging creativity and collective action. We focus on socio-economic challenges, striving to empower leaders to navigate the ever-changing global landscape effectively.

Recent global challenges underscore the need for global courageaous individuals to implement it.

The World Economic Council’s mission is to turn groundbreaking ideas into reality by coaching a diverse network of experts and visionaries. Our members are united by timeless ethical values such as honesty, credibility, and transparency, which guide both business and political endeavors.

Visionaries see beyond the mountains... They move them.


Leading the way as a trendsetting and forward-thinking moderator for companies worldwide.


Becoming the global driving force for progress in society, business, and politics.

The Wec Way.

Empowering Leaders, Advancing the World.

In the vibrant World Economic Council (WEC) community, today's trailblazers converge to shape tomorrow's groundbreaking solutions. Thought leaders and visionaries propel conversations forward, igniting creativity and innovation among all members as they unite in collective action.

Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Collaborations for Global Progress.