The German Constitutional Court’s Decision on Government Energy Funds

In a landmark decision that has reverberated through Germany’s political and economic landscape, the German Constitutional Court recently nullified the government’s decision to use 60 billion euros (and indirectly 200 billion) of unused pandemic emergency funds for green initiatives and industry support. This ruling significantly impacts the government’s financial strategy, often described as “financial chemistry,” […]

Is Germany staggering into the EUROPE trap?

Is Germany staggering into the EUROPE trap?The World Economic Council about the disappearance of old certainties, economical isolation and the consequences of one-sided dependency. World Economic Council | July 2022| Austria In 1977 Voyager 1 started its journey into space from Cape Canaveral – the first spacecraft to leave our solar system: In one of […]

Germany’s Ideological Shift: The Rise of Socialism and the Resurgence of Right-Wing Parties

Germany’s Ideological Shift: The Rise of Socialism and the Resurgence of Right-Wing PartiesExamining the Impact on the Economy and Contrasting European Trends World Economic Council | June 9, 2023 | Washington DC In a surprising turn of events, Germany, once heralded for its robust free-market economy and conservative values, has been experiencing a profound ideological […]

Partner UNIDO

Planned partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) The WEC is currently in the process of becoming an official partner of the UNIDO and receiving the titel of “consultative status with UNIDO”. A very detailed application with the Senate’s goals, how we can support UNIDO achieve it’s goals, and of our operations has […]

Flashback Delegation trip South Korea 2022

Review of the October 2022 Delegation trip to Seoul, South Korea This year’s delegation trip led our members and friends to Seoul. The goal was not only to expand the Senate’s international network but more so for our Ambassadors to expand theirs and focus on an intercultural exchange to expand business opportunities and relevant future […]

Consultative Status UN

The IWS receives consultative status with the UN The Internationaler Wirtschaftssenat e. V. has been accredited as a non-governmental organisation with consultative status within the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since August 2021. The consulta-tive status according to Art. 71 of the UN Charter gives NGOs the option to participate in the […]

Flashback Economic Conference

„Germany`s turning point. What’s the status quo of our economy?“ During the annual IWS Wirtschaftskonferenz (economic conference) in the German capital, the IWS brought together a highly qualified group of experts with a background in economics, politics, industry, and research. This top tier think tank came together for a two-day conference to discuss and analyse […]