The most important aspect is access to the Senate's exclusive international network. This top-class Think Tank is formed by our ambassadors -- managing directors, CEOs and leaders from small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and industry, from traditional and family-owned companies as well as from corporations; furthermore, international cooperation partners, start-ups, renowned representatives from science, politics and society as well as the other senates under the umbrella of the World Economic Council (WEC).
Throughout the year, the WEC conducts various events in person as well as digital: These range from policy talks on topical issues to high-profile roundtable discussions with a broad range of expertise to an annual two-day Business Conference orchestrated by the German Branch – the IWS. The WEC offers its ambassadors exclusive delegation trips finely tuned to the economic and entrepreneurial interests, e.g., to the USA, Asia, Africa or India. The economic point of view and the focus for the respective delegation is especially on the special cultivation of economic and political contacts (this includes visits to embassies, selected companies & start-ups, farms, non-profit organizations and political foundations. All WEC Ambassadors can participate in these delegation trips - CEO and board level, owners, shareholders as well as politicians, partners, supporters and friends of WEC.
Invest in the Future
Membership with the World Economic Council (WEC) is a transformative journey that propels your personal and professional growth. To ensure the highest level of engagement and exclusive access to our esteemed network, the WEC offers different membership tiers tailored to meet your needs and aspirations.

Tailored Membership Options
Our membership fees are designed to provide you with exceptional value and a range of benefits that align with your ambitions. Choose from various membership levels, each offering unique advantages such as access to exclusive events, participation in delegation trips, networking opportunities with global leaders, and the chance to shape the future through influential initiatives.

Unlock Limitless Opportunities
By investing in a WEC membership, you gain a passport to a world of unparalleled connections, cutting-edge insights, and collaborative opportunities. Join a prestigious community of forwardthinking individuals and organizations committed to driving sustainable change and shaping the future of business and politics on a global scale.

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Elevate your influence, expand your network, and make a lasting impact. Discover the membership tier that best suits your aspirations and join the World Economic Council today. Together, we will unlock boundless opportunities and create a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and unwavering determination.

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